I’m sad now. Everything ends and not everything has a happy ending but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Appreciate what you have here and now because one day it could all change and at least you’ll be able to look back with that smile on your face that people have when they remember the good times.

Subscribe to them on YouTube they’ve got some funny stuff but also some videos that’ll stir up some feelings. To me, it’s like picking at old scars but I haven’t felt that kind of sadness or reminisced in awhile and for some reason I like knowing I still can. 



"she’s being a bitch i bet she’s on her period"


If you were being a bitch I wouldn’t assume you were on your period, I’d ask if you were. I think it’s a valid question. If you are, then I won’t be mad at you for being an asshole. If you aren’t, well then you’re just being an asshole. Unless she was my girlfriend then I would never uttera word about her period because that would be suicidal. Lol